Friday, June 21, 2013


June 22, 2013
Well, got my barrel. $18, not a bad investment. I have since been reading more on composting, and have found I need to drill a few holes in the barrel to allow in oxygen. That's on the agenda for next week.
Since this blog is new, Let me tell you a little about myself. I have a job that I enjoy, and I'm married, with 2 children. My daughter, who is 2, lives with me. My son, who just turned 11, lives with his mom. I get him when I can, which is usually every other weekend. I will however, have him all next week, since I'm taking a week off of work.
This year, I have a nice garden. The biggest one I've ever had. I have Roma Tomatoes (the only kind I grew this year, hoping to freeze alot of them) and they're doing good. Clusters and clusters of green tomatoes, I estimate they will be ripe and ready to start coming off next week sometime. Green and yellow squash, both of which are doing awesome. I have picked approx 50 or so squash so far, and they are really just getting going good now. I did find 2 squash bugs, which I quickly disposed of. I haven't seen any others or any eggs, keeping my fingers crossed and eyes open. Squash bugs decimated my squash plants a few years ago. I have eggplants, which have finally started to show significant growth in the past couple of weeks, with even a few small buds forming. Green beans (a second planting with some different seeds, I believe the first seeds I had were just no good) some of them are growing, some not. On the larger plants, which are from the first planting of seeds that did make it, I have small beans hanging. I have cucumbers, which once they start really producing, I'll have more than I can handle. I have even used some of those already. I have pumpkins, which some are already first-sized. First time growing those, and also my first time gowing potatoes. They are interesting, with large, healthy growth on top of the mound. I have green, red, and orange bell peppers, all of which are doing nicely.
At the start of the season, I bought some asparagus roots. I love asparagus, but from everything I've read, they are incredibly hard to grow. I thought "what the heck" and bought them. After planting my garden, and not wanting to give up any valuable real-estate for something I wasn't sure would even make it, I dug a few holes on the edge of the garden and threw them in. I knew what would happen if I DIDN'T plant them. . . nothing. So I threw the roots in the holes and forgot about them. I even tilled over them after planting them, because I knew they weren't going to do anything. A few days ago, while pulling weeds, I saw a small long, narrow weed that I didn't recognize. After closer inspection, it was asparagus! I then I noticed the identation of the hole I had dug to put them in. And in the hole next to it, more asparagus! I know I can't do anything with it for a couple of years, but still exciting.
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